Unit 17, Penley Industrial Estate
Penley, Wrexham, LL13 0LQ
Tel : 01948 830003
Mother Goose Nursery

About Mother Goose Nursery, Penley

Our Mission Statement.

Building foundations for life whilst allowing children to be children.

At Mother Goose Nursery we believe that every child in our care should be given the opportunity to choose for themselves with the correct guidance. They learn through play in a safe and secure environment, where each will thrive and grow.


English is the main language spoken, but the nursery introduces aspects of the Welsh language through a character called Ticw Bear. He is sent home with the children over the weekend. The children then bring Ticw Bear back to nursery and talk about what he has been up to.


  • To provide safe and stimulating play opportunities for our children.
  • To extend learning experiences.
  • To build social skills
  • To provide a high quality service for the children and parents.

We are proud to offer the children a safe and secure environment where they can feel respected and valued and are encouraged to form stable relationships with their peers and adults.

Emphasis is placed on the development of every child's self-esteem and independence, and they are strongly encouraged to be kind and caring to one another in a positive and nurturing environment. Children work and play together in a happy, relaxed and positive atmosphere in which encouragement abounds and the surroundings are colourful, attractive and adaptable.

The experiences provided for each child are stimulating, challenging, absorbing and satisfying, allowing for every aspect of development and progression through the different stages of the pre-school years. The children are taught by dedicated, enthusiastic and well qualified staff. We follow the 'Birth to Three Matters' for our children up to two years of age which is made up of four components: -

  • A strong child
  • A skilful communicator
  • A competent learner
  • A healthy child
From two years old and upward we follow the foundation phase this is made up of areas of learning: -
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Mathematical development
  • Creative development
  • Personal and social development
  • Language, literacy and communication skills
  • Welsh Language Development

As a nursery we pride ourselves on outdoor play. There is a secure outside area with a good supply of equipment. We encourage the children to learn through nature and have a garden where children can help grow flowers and vegetables, and get to taste their work by having the vegetables for their lunch. They are also taught about the environment and the importance of re-cycling.

The nursery is well equipped with materials and equipment. Activities are divided into groups for the different ages of the children to make up their daily routine. This is done through both Welsh and English languages. We come together as a whole nursery for song time, story time and meal times as we feel this is the correct way and the children should be together.